Top Maintenance Tips For Your Truck

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Are you interested in keeping your truck well-maintained so that the need for a mechanic is reduced? Then take the time to learn the maintenance tips that can be used to keep your truck healthy. It will also allow you to get out of sticky situations while you are on a tight schedule, and stuck on the roadside because the truck has broken down. With that thought in mind, here are the important maintenance tips that can help you maintain your truck:

Under The Truck

Before attempting to perform maintenance checks under the truck, get a mat or cushion. This will increase your comfort level whilst under the truck, and therefore improve your ability to carry out checks and maintenance tasks. Also make sure the emergency brake is on, because the last thing you want is for the truck to start moving while you are underneath.

While under the truck look for signs of leaks, which can be spotted by shining a flashlight and slowly examining various components. Pay attention to the colour of the fluid, because that will tell you what type of fluid it is. Oil has a clear tan appearance, transmission fluids are red and antifreeze is green.

Furthermore, make sure to apply a thick coat of grease to the iron housing and steel driveshaft. And use a lubricant spray directed at the cavities – by doing this you'll reduce the wear and tear on the components.

Open Up The Hood

It is important to clean the different engine parts under the hood to ensure that the engine works smoothly. This can be done when the engine is cool with a damp cloth. Then take a look at the water level for the cooling system and the oil level. If they are below the minimum amount, then make sure to top them off. This check must be performed on a weekly basis, but if you notice that there is a leak, then check the levels right away.

Tire Pressure

You need to check your tires to make sure that they are within the parameters set by the manufacturer. In addition to that, the different tires must be at the same pressure. Otherwise your truck will not be balanced correctly. The imbalance will cause different components of your truck to wear out sooner. It will also reduce the rate of acceleration, and your ability to handle the truck. Keep in mind that even if all tires are within the right parameters they can still be at different pressures to one another. For information or assistance with truck repair, contact a company like Arizona Fleet Service.


26 May 2015

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