Windshield Damaged? Learn Why You Need To Replace It


Your car's windshield plays a very important role in providing protection if you were to get in a car accident. If the strength of the windshield were to be compromised due to a crack, you will put yourself more at risk of injury during a car accident. That's why you should know the consequences and costs of a damaged windshield.

How Cracks Relate To Car Accidents

If your car were to roll over in an accident, your car's roof could easily cave in from the impact. When the windshield of the car is in great condition, it makes it hard for the metals to bend. The strength that the windshield provides can prevent injuries from happening because of this.

A strong windshield also gives protection in collisions where the front end of the car is damaged. When your windshield's glass is in great condition, the impact on the front-end of your car will go towards the chassis rather than the interior. This can help prevent a life-threatening injury from happening.

A windshield is also constructed in several layers that prevent the glass from shattering into the car during an accident. Cracks will weaken the protective laminated layer of glass, making it more likely for the glass to make a mess because of an accident. That's why windshields will form damage that looks like a spider web in car accidents.

The Cost of Fixing A Damaged Windshield

The actual cost to replace your cracked windshield will depend on the kind of car that you have. Expect the cost to range between $100 and $400 in most circumstances. This price can go up significantly your car's windshield is a rare part and needs to be special ordered, which can range between $500 and $1,500.

Thankfully, not all windshield damage requires replacement. If the scratch isn't deep, there are glass repair kits that can let you fix it yourself. The process involves cleaning the windshield and injecting a resin into the scratch. If repaired early enough, you won't even be able to tell that your windshield was damaged before.

You shouldn't have to be in danger when driving your car. If your windshield needs replacement, take it to a local auto body repair shop and have them do it for you. The repair or replacement process can be done in a single day, and you'll be back on the road with a windshield that provides your car with more safety. 


23 December 2015

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