Tips For Maintaining Your European Car

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Owning a European car may present you with a great image, but it may cost more for maintaining that persona. Keeping the vehicle's warranty updated is one of the main elements to remember. The cost of repairs will be significantly more expensive in the United States.

Maintenance Schedules

Be sure to read the owner's manual and understand how important it is to continue all maintenance on the vehicle. Maintaining the scheduled procedures can make the difference in a great running car and one that isn't, for more than one reason. European cars might have different maintenance plans required versus an American made vehicle. Therefore, the warranty will provide extra coverage for the repairs.

It takes special tools for European vehicles, so it is important to go where a specialist, like the ones at Wolfe's Foreign Auto, can do correct maintenance to ensure the warranty specifications are met. The dealership will also be able to locate the parts needed to do repairs. Experienced technicians have more skill for a foreign car and can do the job much quicker.

It is not advised to install used parts on the vehicle. Aftermarket parts can be used for American-made vehicles and other vehicles not manufactured in Europe. Those parts may not work sufficiently on your car. At the time of installation, they may save money but in the long-term, money will be saved by using the correct part.


Different standards are set within the United States versus European standards. Different grades are placed on the units concerning the viscosity ratings. A viscometer measures how fast the flow runs through a device. Using American oil can damage the European motor car.

Special additives with specific properties are used and must meet the ACEA standards. These oils are difficult to locate, and more than 90% of the ones on the American market are not sufficient. Sludge can develop and cause engine failure.

Fuel Consumption

The main thing to remember is not driving when the car is almost out of gas. The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank in European cars. Therefore, the car should not be driven if it is low on fuel. The pump can receive damage and need replacement if this happens.

European cars have other elements that make them have more charm. However, American cars tend to cost a lot less to maintain within the United States. Understanding the differences in cost of repairs and other standards must be considered before you decide to park that fancy European car in your driveway.


26 January 2016

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