4 Ways to Save Money When You Need to Park Your Car at the Airport

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If you are going on a long trip, and you need to leave your vehicle at the airport, you could face some hefty airport parking fees that could cost nearly as much as your airplane ticket. Here are a few ways to save money when you need to park your car at the airport.

#1 Look into Private Lots

Surrounding most major airports are private lots where you can park your vehicle. These private lots generally charge much lower fees than the airport parking for long-term parking. In addition, to service their clients, many of these private long-term parking lots near airports will also provide you with free transportation to and from the airport itself, so you don't have to also spend money on transportation.

#2 Look into Hotel Parking

Next, look into hotel parking lots in the area. If you stay the night at a hotel before your flight, some hotels will allow you to leave your vehicle in their parking lot. Some hotels offer this service free of charge, and others will charge you a small fee per-day for leaving your vehicle in their parking lot during your trip. Once again, most hotels near a major airport will provide you with free transportation and pick-up from the airport itself as part of your room rental fee. 

#3 Have Someone Pick up Your Vehicle

Another way to get around long-term parking fees is to have someone pick up your vehicle for you. Drive your vehicle to the airport, park it, and have a friend or family member pick your vehicle up the next day. You may have to pay for a day or so of parking, but you won't have to foot the entire bill for the length of your trip.

On your way home, arrange to have a friend pick you up and take you home, or see if whomever picked up your vehicle can drop it off at the airport again. If they drop it off at the airport, once again, you'll maybe pay for a day worth of parking, but that is significantly less than what you would pay if you kept your vehicle long-term for the length of your entire trip.

#4 Pay for a Taxi

Finally, if you are going to be gone for a few weeks, it may be worth it to splurge and have a taxi pick you up and take you to the airport. If you live really far from the airport, try to get a ride with a friend as close as you can to the airport, and then get a taxi ride from that location.

On your way home, you can have the taxi take you all the way home, or, once again, you can have it drop you off somewhere closer, such as a friend's home or your office, and then you can drive the rest of the way home.

The next time you need to go on a long-term trip and leave your vehicle behind, try out one of the strategies above to lower your long-term airport parking costs


21 November 2016

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