3 Simple Upgrades That Can Make Your Camper Feel More Like Home

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Enjoying the great outdoors becomes a lot easier when you have access to a camp trailer. A camper provides you with shelter from the elements and allows you to access some of the amenities that you have come to rely on at home. If you want your camper to feel even more like your full-time residence, there are a few simple alterations that you can make to the design and layout of your trailer.

Here are three simple upgrades to invest in if you want your camper to feel more like home in the future.

1. Replace the built-in furnishings.

Camp trailers often have furnishings that are built right into the structure of the trailer's interior. These built-in couches and tables can reduce the comfort level of your outdoor experience. Try replacing the built-in furnishings with real furniture instead to make your camper more comfortable.

A couch with a pull-out bed can be added to increase comfort without sacrificing space, and a traditional kitchen table and chairs can be installed to give your camper a more home-like feel. Be sure that you bolt your newly-added furnishings into the floor of your camper to prevent them from moving around during transit.

2. Upgrade the flooring in your camper.

If your camp trailer has linoleum tile flooring, then you probably aren't thrilled about the aesthetic this affordable flooring creates inside your trailer. In order to give your camper a more modern feel, you should consider replacing the flooring.

If you want to save money on your flooring remodel, you can invest in some vinyl flooring tiles that look like wood planks. You will have the benefit of a flooring surface that looks classy, but is easy to clean with just a broom and a mop as you are out camping in the future.

3. Add some color to your camper's interior.

One of the easiest ways to make your camp trailer feel more like home is to take the time to paint your interior cabinets. Adding some color to your camper's kitchen with cabinet paint will help you create a unique design that reflects your personal sense of style.

You should also consider adding some throw pillows and curtains to your camper's interior to help your mobile living space feel more like home.

When your camper feels more like a home, you may find yourself wanting to spend more time in nature. Add real furniture, replace dated flooring, and incorporate color through cabinet paint and throw pillows to help your camper feel more like home.


29 November 2016

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